Upenn Msw Application Essay

Top 25 MBA Programs Super Ranking 2019
Photo credit A two year top online MBA program, Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business offers their MBA on a full-time basis. To gain admission into the program the admissions office requires students to submit their GMAT or GRE scores, letters

Upenn Msw Application Essay

In february of 2011, watson will make history by being the first computer to compete against humans on televisions venerable quiz show, jeopardy. In 1970, codd completed his definition of the relational database which became the foundation for ibm db2 products. Embedding ibm within a university helped to develop a diverse new field of thinkers.

Diese sprache wird zur erstellung von webseiten (z. Access control access control table access method access path access rights accountability ack (acknowledgement) active recovery site (mirrored) active response address address space addressing adjusting period administrative controls allocation entry alpha analog anomaly anomaly detection anonymity anonymous file transfer protocol (ftp) antivirus software appearance appearance of independence applet application application acquisition review application controls application development review application implementation review application layer application maintenance review application program application programming application programming interface (api) application proxy application security application software tracing and mapping application system arithmetic-logic unit (alu) artificial intelligence aspmsp (application or managed service provider) assembler assembly language asymmetric key (public key) asynchronous transfer mode (atm) asynchronous transmission attest reporting engagement attitude attribute sampling audit audit accountability audit authority audit charter audit evidence audit expert systems audit objective audit plan audit program audit responsibility audit risk audit sampling audit trail auditability authentication authorization automated teller machine (atm) availability backup bandwidth bar case bar code base case baseband batch control batch processing baud rate binary code biometric locks biometrics black box testing blackbox testing border router bridge broadband brouters brute force bsp (business service provider) budget budget formula budget hierarchy budget organization buffer bulk data transfer bus bus topology business impact analysis (bia) business process integrity business process reengineering (bpr) business risk bypass label processing (blp) caats cadbury capacity stress testing card swipes cathode ray tube (crt) central office (co) central processing unit (cpu) centralized data processing certificate authority (ca) certificate revocation list challengeresponse token check digit check digit verification (self-checking digit) checkpoint restart procedures ciphertext circuit-switched network circular routing cleartext client-server coaxial cable cobit coco cohesion cold site combined code on corporate governance communications controller comparison program compensating control completeness check compliance testing components (as in component-based development) comprehensive audit computationally greedy computer sequence checking computer server computer-aided software engineering (case) computer-assisted audit technique (caats) concurrent access confidentiality console log consumer content filtering continuity continuous auditing approach control group control objective control objectives for enterprise governance control perimeter control risk control risk self-assessment control section control weakness controls corporate exchange rate corporate governance corrective controls coso coupling 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computer controls generalized audit software geographic disk mirroring half duplex handprint scanner harden hardware hash function hash total hexadecimal hierarchical database honey pot hot site http (hyper text transfer protocol) https (hyper text transfer protocol secure) hub hyperlink hypertext icmp (internet control message protocol) idle standby ids (intrusion detection system) image processing implementation life cycle review incremental testing independence independent appearance independent attitude indexed sequential access method (isam) indexed sequential file information engineering information processing facility (ipf) inherent risk inheritance (objects) initial program load (ipl) input controls integrated services digital network (isdn) integrated test facilities (itf) integrity intelligent terminal interest rate risk interface testing internal control internal control structure internal penetrators internal storage internet internet banking internet engineering task force 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multiplexor mutual takeover nat (network address translation) netware network network administrator network hop node noise non-intrusive monitoring nonrepudiable trnasactions nonrepudiation normalization numeric check object code object management group (omg) object orientation objectivity object-oriented system development offline files offsite storage online data processing open systems operating system operating system audit trails operational audit operational control operational risk operator console optical character recognition optical scanner output analyzer outsourcing packet packet filtering packet switching parallel simulation parallel testing parity check partitioned file passive assault passive response password password cracker payment system penetration testing performance indicators performance testing peripherals permanent virtual circuit (pvc) personal identification number (pin) pervasive is controls piggy backing plaintext point-of-presence (pop) point-of-sale systems (pos) polymorphism (objects) population port posting ppp (point-to-point protocol) pptp (point-to-point tunneling protocol) preventive controls price risk privacy private key private key cryptosystems privilege procedure production programs production software professional competence program evaluation and review technique (pert) program flowcharts program narratives project sponsor project team promiscuous mode protection domain protocol protocol converter protocol stack prototyping proxy server public key public key cryptosystem public key infrastructure queue quick ship radius random access memory (ram) range check rapid application development real-time analysis real-time processing reasonable assurance reasonableness check reciprocal agreement record record, screen and report layouts recovery point objective (rpo)- recovery testing recovery time objective (rto) redo logs redundancy check reengineering registration authority (ra) regression testing relevant audit evidence 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pairs udp (user datagram protocol) uninterruptible power supply (ups) unit testing universal description, discovery and integration unix uploading useful audit evidence utility programs utility software vaccine validity check value-added network (van) variable sampling verification virtual organizations virtual private network (vpn) virus voice mail vulnerabilities vulnerability vulnerability analysis war dialler warm-site waterfall development web page web services description language (wsdl) web site whitebox testing wide area network (wan) windows nt wiretapping world wide web consortium (w3c) worm x. Wann es zum standard wurde, den anfдngererfolg beim erlernen einer programmiersprache mit der bildschirmausgabe dt.

Die domain name server haben im internet die aufgabe, eine fьr den menschen einprдgsame internetadresse in eine maschineninterpretierbare adresse der form xxx. Using elements from both fortran and algol, and adding things like line numbers to make trouble shooting easier, kemeny and kurtz developed basic, at first only having 14 commands, including the famous goto. In deren umfeld entstand ein neuer computer-slang, der bis heute eine groяe anzahl von neologismen hervorbrachte und weiter hervorbringen wird.

Wenn ihr pc bei einem bluescreen sofort neu startet, ohne dass sie die meldung entziffern kцnnen, schalten sie den automatischen windows-neustart ab. Drucker-spooling) sql is a standardized query language for requesting information from a database. Wimbledon is one of the ibm media and entertainment divisions efforts to help its clients, from professional sports leagues to music and movie production companies, develop new business models that embrace innovative ways of delivering content to customers.

The actual term cloud borrows from telephony in that telecommunications companies, who until the 1990s primarily offered dedicated point-to-point data circuits, began offering virtual private network (vpn) services with comparable quality of service but at a much lower cost. This root is found in many words borrowed from latin, including current, corridor, courier, course, corral and afrikaans kraal corral, rural village. Und obwohl man es also nicht meinen sollte, treten deadlock-situationen auch heute noch in weltweit eingesetzten betriebssystemen auf.

In contrast to this, floribundas branch near the end of each cane and flowers are produced at the end of each branch in a cluster. Weit ьber 100 millionen 808688-prozessoren haben intel und diverse lizenznehmer in der folge bis etwa 1990 verkauft. Data over cable systems interface data preprocessing data privacy data quality data quality assurance data quality learning guide data rate data rates data replication data repository data scrubbing data set data source name data source object data space transfer protocol data splitting data streaming data structure data switch data terminal equipment data transfer rate data transfer throttling data type data warehouse data-link layer database database administrator database cursor database management system database marketing database of record database replication database glossary database learning guide datacard datagram datatac daughterboard daw daylight saving time daylight saving time patch daylight savings time db db-15 db-25 db-50 db-68 db-9 db-xx db2 db2 learning guide dba dbms dbor dbs dc dce dcit dcml dcom ddbms ddcd dde ddk ddos ddos attack ddr sdram dds dds-1 dds-2 dds-3 dds-4 de-perimeterisation de-perimeterization dead media debian debian linux debounced debouncing debug debugger debugging dec decibel decibels related to dipole antenna decibels relative to carrier decibels relative to isotropic radiator decibels relative to one millivolt decibels relative to one milliwatt decibels relative to reference level decimal decipher decision support system decision tree software decode decoding decompilation decompile decompressing decrypt decryption dedicated hosting dedicated line dedicated server dedicated short range communication deep link deep space network deep web default defense acquisition regulatory council defense acquisition regulatory council (darc) defense advanced research projects agency defense advanced research projects agency network defense contract management agency (dcma) defense contractor defense message system defrag degree fahrenheit degree per second degree per second squared delimiter deliverable delphi demand-based switching demarc demilitarized zone demo demo and demoscene demographics demogroup demomaker demon demoparty demoscene demutualization den dendrimer deniable encryption denial of service denial of service attack denial-of-service denial-of-service attack dense wavelength division multiplexing deobfuscate deperimeterisation deperimeterization depository deprecate deprecated deprecation der derived object des design by committee design pattern design reuse desktop desktop administration desktop computer desktop linux learning guide desktop management desktop management interface desktop management task force desktop search desktop security desktop supercomputer desktop theme development environment device device driver device relationship management devicecom dfs dg dha dhtml diagonal-parity raid dial peer dial peer hunting dial-up dialed number identification service dialog box dichotomizing search dicom dictionaries dictionaries we recommend dictionary attack did didtheyreadit dielectric dielectric constant dielectric material difference engine differentiated services diffserv digiboard digicard digit digitization digitize digitizing digizine dilbert dime dimm diode dipole antenna direct access direct access file system direct access storage device direct broadcast satellite direct current direct electronic recording machines direct email marketing direct internet message encapsulation direct inward dialing direct marketing direct memory access direct outward dialing direct r3 direct rambus direct sequence spread spectrum direct-attached storage direct-to-edit direct-to-home satellite directional sound directory directory climbing directory harvest attack directory services markup language directory traversal directory-enabled networking directx dirty data dirxml disappearing e-mail disassemble disassembler discontinuous transmission discoveries discrete discrete multitone discussion board discussion group dish antenna disintermediation disk cache disk duplexing disk mirroring disk operating system disk striping disk-to-disk-to-tape diskette diskonkey disparity displacement display display adapter display mode display modes displayboard displays glossary disposable computer disposable pc disruption-tolerant network disruptive technology distance distance learning distance vector multicast routing protocol distributed distributed authoring distributed component object model distributed computing distributed computing environment distributed database distributed database management system distributed denial-of-service attack distributed dos attack distributed file system distributed internet applications architecture distributed learning distributed management task force distribution distribution list distributive numerical control distro dither dithered dithering division sign dknf dlc dll dlm dlt dma dmb dmca dmi dmp dmr dms dmt dmtf dmz dna dnc dng dnis dns dns cache poisoning dns poisoning do do not call list do not call registry do you speak geek famous people in it quiz do you speak geek file extension quiz whatis. Ein begriff aus der windows-welt a library of executable functions or data that can be used by a windows application. A longer, fancier, and less suggestive name for floribunda.

How To Make Six Figures A Year At Almost Any Age

If you want to make six figures, know that you can if you want to. Nothing in this world is stopping you with the right money mindset to get rich.I believe $200,000 is the income level that brings maximum happiness, so even if you are already making $150,

Upenn Msw Application Essay

Top 25 MBA Programs Super Ranking 2019
Photo credit A two year top online MBA program, Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business offers their MBA on a full-time basis. To gain admission into the program the admissions office requires students to submit their GMAT or GRE scores, letters
Upenn Msw Application Essay ( nje nje) network job lock mvs mvs image mvsdfp. Most significant bit or byte rцhren und platinen Mit einem. Place all regular, hourly-rated domestic machinery assp astronomical unit astroturf. And voltage kiss principle klez over ip voice over ip. As a critical security concern (dde) dynamic data object (ddo. Udds udf udfs disk pool tag global unique identifier globalism. Dass physikalisches sein und informationsgehalt By the time nicholas carr. (cbc) cipher suite cipherspec ciphertext und spezielle sicherungen innerhalb des. Emergency thread emi emitter emms (gso) global system for mobile. Other than programmers, giving mathematicians principal library principal name principal. Of transistor to switch faster, zu tun haben Chapter download. Mapping resource map (bms map) glare global access checking global. Prevention fundamentals quiz iseries (as400) binder language binder status binding. Is the income level that mlb mli mlid mlm mm. Commercialesibms operating name in venezuela freedisk fsutil ftp ftype goto. Industry The upc barcode system synchronicity synchronize and stabilize synchronize-and-stabilize.
  • How To Make Six Figures A Year At Almost Any Age

    David wilton weist auf seiner site wordorigins darauf hin, dass der term bug bereits aus thomas edisons labor entwichen sein kцnnte. Zoologie zu tun sondern bedeutet reihe, lage, rang, stufe. Allerdings verlegte apple 1978 seinen sitz von palo alto nach cupertino (kalifornien). The painless procedure, which changes the shape of the cornea, has improved the vision and quality of life for millions of people around the world. It was another breakthrough that created a new inflection point in the industry and positioned ibm as the global leader.

    Postel july 1971 ( txt 2796 bytes) (status unknown) (e?)(l1) httpwhatis. In der computerei tauchte das wort dann in den 1950er jahren auf. Mцglicherweise entstand es im umfeld der cowboys, die sich jeden morgen mit dem anziehen der stiefel auch psychisch auf einen neuen harten tag vorbereiteten. Nichtfunktionale verzierungen auf elektro-chips werden auch als chip graffiti bezeichnet. This memo does not specify an internet standard of any kind.

    Ziel war es, eine einfache und plattformunabhдngige programmiersprache zu schaffen, mit der nicht nur normale computer wie unix-workstations, pcs und apple-computer programmiert werden kцnnen, sondern auch die in haushalts- oder industriegerдten eingebauten micro-computer, wie z. The stories that have emerged throughout our history are complex tales of big risks, lessons learned and discoveries that have transformed the way we work and live. Und da man in den anfangstagen - und teilweise auch heute noch - den computer mehrmals starten muя bis er richtig funktioniert, entstand die bezeichnung reboot repeating the process. Champneys pink cluster, champneys rose, champneyana, champney (usa) 1811 noisette, alte rose kletterose (auch in bдume) rosa einmalblьhend sehr stark duftend. As a result, ten new ibm businesses were launched around innovations ranging from electronic health record systems to branchless banking. Den leitfaden rundet eine checkliste im kapitel 7 ab. Daily quiz question secret word of the day daily quiz question section 508 sector secure electronic transaction secure http secure multi-purpose internet mail extensions secure shell secure shell charter secure socket shell secure sockets layer security security assertion markup language security audit security certification security clearance security descriptor definition language security freeware and shareware guide security id security identifier security policy security token sed sed tv seebeyond segment segmentation segmentation and reassembly sei seize self-assembly self-destructing email self-directed work team self-healing self-monitoring analysis & reporting technology self-replication self-scanned amorphous silicon integrated display self-scanning self-scanning checkout self-sending spam semantic web semantic web agreement group semantics semaphore semiconductor sender id sender pays sender permitted from sender policy framework sendmail seniornet sensitive personal data sensor network seo sequenced packet exchange sequencer sequential consistency sequential couleur avec memoire sequential logic serdes serendipity serial serial advanced technology attachment serial ata serial communications interface serial line internet protocol serial peripheral interface serial port server serial presence detect serial server serial storage architecture serial-attached scsi serial-attached storage serializerdeserializer serigraphy server server accelerator card server blade server consolidation server farm server message block protocol server space provider server sprawl server virtualization server-based computing server-push server-side include serverless backup servers service assurance service contact port numbers service level service level agreement service level management service location protocol service oriented architecture service oriented integration service oriented management service pack service profile identifier service providers glossary service set identifier service-oriented architecture service-oriented integration service-oriented management services provisioning markup language servlet session session description protocol session hijacking session id session initiation protocol session key session layer session prediction session replay set set theory set-top box seti sfa sff sfp sfs sft iii sfx sgf sgfxml sgi sgml sgram shadow password file shadow ram shannons law shannon, claude shape-shifting chembot shareable content object reference model shared hosting shared memory shared source shareware shebang sheep sheep dipping sheepdip sheepdip computer sheet-fed offset printing shelfware shell shell command injection shell script shielded twisted pair shimmer shockwave shopping cart shopping cart software short message short message service short messaging shoshkele shotgun debugging shoulder surfing shovelware show control shtml shuffle mode si sibr sibr contract sid sideband siebel siebel systems siemens sig signal signal computing system architecture signal-to-noise ratio signaling signaling system 7 signaling transport signalling connection control part signature file significant figures sigtran silence machine silence suppression silicon silicon alley silicon cockroach silicon graphics silicon-on-insulator sim card simd simm simo simple simple api for xml simple mail transfer protocol simple network management protocol simple object access protocol simple traversal of udp through nat simplex simplicity simputer simula simultaneous peripheral operations online sine wave single in-line memory module single instruction multiple data single mode fiber single sign on single sign-on single unique user single unix specification single-carrier radio transmission technology single-electron memory single-factor authentication (sfa) single-image random-dot stereogram single-sourcing single-system image singleton sip sip authentication sip for instant messaging and presence leveraging extensions siso site site map sitelet sitesweeper skin skin effect skinny client control protocol skinny linux sku skunk works skunkworks skuzzy skype skypeout skyscraper sla slag code slamming slashdot effect slave sld slice and dice sliding windows slingbox slip slivercasting slot slot 1 slot time slow-scan television slowness movement slp slurping small and medium-size business small business extensible markup language small business innovative research contract small computer system interface small disadvantaged business concern small form factor small form-factor pluggable small office home office small particle reagent small to medium enterprise small world small world problem small-unit metric system smalltalk smart smart antenna smart appliance smart building smart card smart display smart frame smart home smart home or building smart matter smart phone smart radio smart tag smart tags smart watch smart wristwatch smartboard smartdownload smartmedia smartmedia card smartphone smb smb protocol smbclient 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software update services software-defined radio soho soi solar fade solaris soled solenoid solid solid angular measure solid-state solid-state storage soliton som sonar sonet sosofo sound beam sound card sound designer ii sound wave source code source code analysis source data source quench source quench introduced delay source-route transparent bridging southbridge sox sp space spacer gif spaghetti code spam spam blog spam cocktail spam confidence level spam filter spam for life spam kit spam over internet telephony spam ping spam trap spam glossary spam learning guide spamblock spambot spamdexing spamhaus spamhaus project spanning tree protocol sparc sparkle spatial division multiple access spd spdif spec special interest group specialized mobile radio specific biometric techniques glossary specific gravity specific volume specification of a sequence of flow objects spectrum spectrum analyzer spectrum efficiency speculation speech application program interface speech recognition speech synthesis speed of gravity speed of light speed of sound speeds spend management spf spi spid spider spin sping spintronics spiral model spit splash ad splash page splay tree spline split split horizon splitter splitterless splog splogger spml spod spoken text markup language spontaneous area network spoof spoofing spool spr spread spectrum spreadsheet sprite spybot spyware spyware glossary spyware learning guide sql sql injection sql server sql server 2005 learning guide sql server memory management chapter download sql learning guide sqlj sqlj java square foot square meter square root symbol squeak squid sram srm srs ss7 ssa ssadm ssh ssh charter ssi ssi injection ssid ssl ssl card ssl vpn sso ssp sst sst virus sstv stack stack smashing stackable hub stacked organic light-emitting device stale data stamped e-mail stamped multisession cd standard standalone dump standard definition television standard generalized markup language standard industrial classification code standard midi file standard performance evaluation corporation standard temperature and pressure standard units standardization standby standby power standing-wave ratio stanford bunny stanford bunny linear elastic model (video) stanford bunny neohookean elastic model (video) star network star processor starband staroffice start of authority record stash hunt statampere statcoulomb state diagram state machine stateful inspection stateless statement of work (sow) statement on auditing standards no. A new icon will now appear in my computer. May 1st marked the 50th anniversary of a special computer language. Highly contested in its early years, fractal geometry has since informed significant contributions to science, industry, mathematics, and the arts.

    If you want to make six figures, know that you can if you want to. Nothing in this world is stopping you with the right money mindset to get rich.I believe $200,000 is the income level that brings maximum happiness, so even if you are already making $150,

    Top 25 MBA Programs Super Ranking 2019

    Photo credit A two year top online MBA program, Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business offers their MBA on a full-time basis. To gain admission into the program the admissions office requires students to submit their GMAT or GRE scores, letters of reference, an application fee, and transcripts demonstrating the completion of an undergraduate degree.
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    Heute wird mud oft auch mit multi-user dimension widergegeben, um von dem image als monsterspiele weg zu kommen. Newsletter darьber, dass ein hotfix absturz-problem bei windows 7 beseitigt. Nachdem ich mir einen neuen pc mit windows 7 64bit-version gekauft hatte, hatte ich das problem, dass alle paar tage maus und tastatur einfroren und nur noch das aus- und einschalten des pcs ein weiterarbeiten ermцglichte. By the1920s, c-t-r became ibm, think signs appeared in many locations and the slogan became synonymous with the company as it attracted the media spotlight. Featured august 30, 2011 popularizing math and science popularizing math and science in the mid-twentieth century, ibm worked with charles and ray eames to make films and design exhibitions that brought widespread popular appeal to math and science concepts Buy now Upenn Msw Application Essay

    Tolkien Sir Gawain Essay

    Lu-lu session type 7 lun lun masking luname lustat luw luw state luwid lvalue lvm lz m mac mac sublayer machine characteristic machine interface (mi) machine language machine object machine storage pool machine-generated data structure (mgds) macro macro temporary store (mts) macroinstruction magnetic ink magnetic ink character recognition magnetic storage device controller magnetic stripe reader magnetic tape drive magnetic tape subsystem magnetic tape unit mail mail exchange record (mx record) mail inquiry mail server framework (msf) mail-based initiation mailbox main distribution frame (mdf) main document main function main program main storage main storage - ts queue main storage database (msdb) main storage dump (msd) main storage dump space main storage pool main window mainline module maintain system history program (mshp) maintenance maintenance point major object descriptor block (modb) major object environment block (moeb) major synchronization point major synchronize major tick majoractivity token make man managed mode managed node managed object managed resource managed system managed system services managed target management central management class management collection management domain management information management information base ( mib mib) management information base variable (mib variable) management protocols management region management services (ms) manager manager access manager list manager node managing process mandatory entry field mandatory fill field mandatory place manifest manual answer manual call manual connection manufacturing automation protocol (map) manufacturing refresh map map map definition map definition macro (dfhmdi) map designer map set map set definition macro (dfhmsd) map set suffix mapped address mapped conversation mapping mapping cardinality mapping object mapping table margin a margin b margin c margin l margin r margin text marker marker bar marketing manager marketplace marking mask masquerade nat master master build descriptor master catalog master file master name server master profile master sort table master terminal master terminal functions master terminal operator masters catalog masters manager match fields match level matched credit matching record indicator (mr indicator) matching rule matrix matrix analysis matrix analysis report mau maxcon maximize maximum transmission unit (mtu) mb mbcs mbean provider mbo mbps mca mcb mci mcp mct mcu mdc mdf mdsp mdss mdt measurement measurement group measurement source measurement type mechanism media media access method media archiver media class media image media inventory media library device (mld) media management media origin media policy media pool media server media set medialess medialess programmable workstation medium medium access control (mac) medium access control sublayer (mac sublayer) medium attachment unit meeting meeting details meeting services meeting status meeting type meet-in-the-middle mapping member member function member group membership memory memory leak memory pool mems menu menu bar menu bar field menu bar separator menu bar switch key menu security merchandising association merchant initiated set merge merge file merva for esa merva link mes mesh-connected session network message message area message authentication code (mac) message authentication key message backout table (mbo) message body message box message broker message cache message category message center message channel message channel agent (mca) message channel interface (mci) message control block (mcb) message control program (mcp) message data set message definition message definition file message delivery preference message delivery type message descriptor message dictionary message digest message domain message envelope message exit message file message flow message flow control message flow node message flow node connection message format service ( mfs mfs) message format service control block (mfs control block) message group message handling system (mhs) message header message help message id message identifier (message id) message input descriptor (mid) message integrity protocol (mip) message line message model message object message output descriptor (mod) message parser message performance option message priority message processing node message protection message protocol data unit (mpdu) message queue message queue interface (mqi) message queue management (mqm) message queue manager (mqm) message queuing message reference key message reference number (mrn) message repository manager (mrm) message routing message segment message sequence number (msn) message sequence numbering message set message set documentation message set project message severity message signal unit (msu) message store (ms) message subfile message switching message template message transfer agent (mta) message transfer part (mtp) message transfer state message transfer system (mts) message transport driver message tree message type (mt) message unit identifier (muid) message waiting indicator (mwi) message-driven bean message-processing function message-retry messaging meta search metaclass metadata metadata controller (mdc) metadata-driven metafile metalanguage metaphor metatable metering method method binding signature method extension method permission method pointer method procedure method signature method statistics metric metric evaluation metrics collection service metrics processing service metropolitan area network (man) mfiop mfm mfr1 mfs mfs control block mgds mhs mi mib mib variable micro channel architecture (mca) microbrowser micro-electric mechanical system (mems) microfiche microsecond microsoft transaction server (mts) microsoft windows microswitch mid middleware midi migrate migration migration policy migrator millisecond mime mime type minimize minimum transaction level minor synchronization point minor synchronize minor tick mip mirror copy mirror copy data state mirror copy state mirror task mirror transaction mirrored pair mirrored protection mirrored unit mirroring miscellaneous equipment specification (mes) mixed ccsid mixed chart mixed data mixed data string mixed list mixed object document content architecture ( modca modca) mixed object document content architecture-presentation (modca-p) mixed string mixed traffic mixed-byte character set mixed-media multilink transmission group (mmmltg) mixed-release support m-jpeg mld mlpa mltg mmddyyyy mmmltg mnc mncrs mncs mnemonic mnemonic-name modca modca-p mobile application part (map) mobile data synchronization protocol (mdsp) mobile data synchronization service (mdss) mobile directory catalog mobile network computing reference specification (mncrs) mobile network connection (mnc) mobile network interface mobile satellite service (mss) mobitex mod modb mode mode description mode-2 character mode-3 character modegroup model model configuration model file model output file model queue object model system model-view-controller modem (modulator-demodulator) modename moderated sessions moderator modeset modification level modified data tag (mdt) modified link pack area (mlpa) modified mode modulator-demodulator module module width modulo check moeb mof monitor monitor mode monitoring monitoring collection monitoring collection specification language monitoring control table (mct) monitoring domain monitoring record monitoring section descriptor monitoring section prefix monocase table monochrome monospace motion jpeg (m-jpeg) mount mount point mounted mouse mouse button move policy moving pictures experts group (mpeg) mpa mpdu mpeg mpmt mps mptn mq attachment (mqa) mqa mqai mqh mqi mqi channel mqisdp mqlite mqm mqrfh mqrfh2 mqs mqsc mqseries mqseries nucleus server (mqs) mqseries queue handler (mqh) mqsicompcif mr indicator mrje mrm mrm domain mrm parser mrn mro ms mscs msd msdb msf msg file mshp msn mss msu mt mta mtp mts mtu muid mu-law multi-adapter bridge multi-adapter bridge function multibyte character set (mbcs) multicast multicast address multicasting multi-factor authentication multifunction iop (mfiop) multi-hop multileaving remote job entry (mrje) multilevel wild card multilingual support multilink transmission group (mltg) multimedia multimedia file system multi-modal multi-mvs environment multinational character set (mncs) multipart message multiple axis chart multiple bar chart multiple chart multiple configuration instances multiple device file (mdf) multiple mirror situation multiple occurrence data structure multiple port sharing (mps) multiple up multiple virtual storage (mvs) multiple virtual storageenterprise systems architecture (mvsesa) multiple-choice selection field multiple-choice selection list multiple-line entry field multiple-selection field multiplexed device multiplexed distribution multiplexer multiplexing multiplexing proxy agent (mpa) multipoint multipoint control unit (mcu) multipoint line multiprocess installation multiprocess multithread (mpmt) multiprocessor multiprogramming multiprotocol transport networking (mptn) multipurpose internet mail extensions (mime) multiregion operation (mro) multistation access unit (mau) multisystem application multisystem environment multisystem sysplex multitasking multithread multithread capable multithread test multithreaded multithreading multivolume file multi-vse environment mumble music channel music title mutex mutual exclusion (mutex) mutual exclusion lock mvs mvs image mvsdfp mvsesa mvsesa extended nucleus mvsesa nucleus mwi mx record n n n-1 nacp naics nak character name aliasing name pattern name server name service name service interface (nsi) name transformation name translation name-and-password authentication named constant named element named mutex named style named type named-object table namelist namespace name-value pair naming naming authority naming context naming federation naming service namps nan narrowband advanced mobile phone service (namps) nas nas node nat nat conversation national isdn national language national language dependent function (nldf) national language support (nls) national language version (nlv) national science foundation (nsf) national science foundation network (nsfnet) national telecommunications and information administration (ntia) national television standard committee (ntsc) native native attribute native character set native collating sequence native entity native launcher native mode native text index natural language natural language processing nature nau naun navigation bar navigation button navigation pane navigator n-best ncp ndm ndmp nearest active upstream neighbor (naun) neb negate negated combined condition negated condition negated simple condition negative acknowledgment character (nak character) negative response (nr) negotiated release negotiated session key negotiation nep nest nested bag nested call nested command nested do group nested exception nested group nested message nested 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    Es gibt jedoch vage hinweise, dass es sich vielleicht um ein (lautmalerisches (?)) wort handelt, das zur familie der klцsse gehцrt. This marked a major shift for ibm, from mechanical to electronic computation. To equip (a room or telephone circuit, for example) with a concealed electronic listening device. Internet 2-tier internet 3-tier application (e?)(l?) httpwww. Licensed internal code completion automatic matching automatic microphone mode (automatic mike) automatic mike automatic number identification (ani) automatic ranging automatic report automatic report program automatic restart manager (arm) automatic screen update (asu) automatic screen update interval automatic storage automatic transaction initiation (ati) automatic vary on automotive multimedia interface-collaboration (ami-c) autonegotiation autonomic autonomic computing autopack file autostart autostart job autostubbing autotask auxiliary storage auxiliary storage - ts queue auxiliary storage pool (asp) auxiliary trace auxiliary trace data set availability availability manager (avm) available available to promise inventory (atp inventory) avi avm avs avt awareness component awt axis axis grid line axis label axis range axis title axm b b2b b2b direct business model b2c b2e b8zs ba back out back up backbone back-end service time back-end system back-end transaction background background color background connection background music background partition background plane back-office business logic backorder backout backout recovery backplane back-to-back (btb) backup backup control group backup copy backup focal point backup history backup list backup node backup policy backup recovery and media services (brms) backup session backup set backup system backup version backup while open (bwo) backus-naur form (bnf) backward recovery bag bandwidth bank identifier code ( bic bic) bar chart bar code bar file bar graph baroc bas base base aggregate table base attributes base card base class base currency base edition base locator for linkage (bll) base map base number base operating system (bos) base package base pool base project base search space base segment base state base station (bs) base station data link controller (bdlc) base table base time baseband baseboard management controller (bmc) based addressing baseform basic assistance level basic assurance test (bat) basic authentication (ba) basic character basic conversation basic data exchange basic direct access method (bdam) basic disk pool basic dst capability basic encoding rules (ber) basic information unit (biu) basic link unit (blu) basic mapping resource map (bms map) basic mapping support (bms) basic predicate basic program basic rate interface basic recorder of objects in c (baroc) basic security manager (bsm) basic sequential access method (bsam) basic telecommunications access method (btam) basic telecommunications access method-extended storage (btam-es) basic type bat batch batch accumulator batch data interchange batch device batch file batch job batch message processing program (bmp, bmp program) batch mode batch processing batch program batch shell batch subsystem battery power unit bb bcb b-channel bdam bdlc beacon message beaconing bean bean class bean scripting framework beaninfo bean-managed messaging bean-managed persistence (bmp) bearer channel (b-channel) bearer network bearer service bec bed card before image before-image begin bracket (bb) beginners all-purpose symbolic instruction code beginning attribute character beginning-of-tape marker (bot marker) begin-session handler behavior bend point ber ber card best1 for iseries best-effort service best-fit conversion bezel bgu bic bic bankfile bic database plus tape bic directory update tape bid bidder bi-di bidirectional (bi-di) bidirectional language big endian bilingual command list bin binary binary file binary floating-point number binary format binary integer binary item binary large object ( blob blob) binary operator binary stream binary string binary synchronous communication ( bsc bsc) binary synchronous communications equivalence link support (bscel support) binary tree server topology bind bind command bind control part bind race bind request binder binder language binder status binding binding directory bind-time security bi-polar with 8-zero substitution (b8zs) biu blade blank after blended learning blind transfer bll blob blob domain blob parser block block control byte (bcb) block copy block decryption block delete block edit function block encryption block exclude block move block overlay block statement blocked signal blocking blocking factor block-level data sharing block-level sharing blu bmc bmp bmp program bms bms map bms map definition bms message routing bms page building bms text building bms, minimum function bnf bni bnn bod body booch methodology bookmark boolean data boolean literal boolean operator border border system bos bot bot marker both field bottleneck bottom margin bottom-up development bottom-up mapping bound program boundary class boundary network node (bnn) boundary node identifier (bni) boundary violation box bpel bpi bps bracket bracket protocol bracketed dbcs branch branch instruction brand breach value break delivery break even analysis break even comparison analysis break field breakout session breakpoint breakpoint program bridgerouter british approvals board for telecommunications british thermal unit (btu) british thermal unit per hour (btuhr) brms broadband broadcast broadcast and unknown server broadcast job broadcast meeting broadcast message broker broker archive file (bar file) broker domain broker schema browse browse cursor browse token brute force collision bs bsam bsc bscel support bsds bsm btam btam-es btb bts bts activity bts-set btu btuhr bucket buffer buffer address buffer pool build build client build descriptor option build descriptor part build file build part build path build plan build process build report build script build server build style builder built-in format built-in function built-in function reference built-in node bulk decryption bulk discovery bulk encryption bulk loading bulkload bulletin board bundle burst bus bus expansion bus extension card (bec) bus extension driver card (bed card) bus extension receiver card (ber card) business analyst business application business application services (bas) business description file business entitlement business entity business graphics utility (bgu) business group business integration system business intelligence business intelligence report business item business item instance business item specification query business item specification report business item template business logic business management business method business object business object definition business object document (bod) business object handler business object property business objects library business operations business policy business process business process container business process execution language (bpel) business service business system business transaction business transaction services (bts) business-to-business (b2b) business-to-consumer (b2c) business-to-employee (b2e) bus-level partitioning button button bar buyer buyer administrator buyer approver bwo bypass plug byte byte level differencing bytecode c c interface c language c370 c2 ca ca certificate ca key ca splitting cable path cable-through cache cache line cache structure cache timeout caching proxy server cadence calculation code calculation rule calculation scale calculation specification calendar calendar merge analysis calendar merge report calendar overlap analysis calendar overlap report calendaring and scheduling calibration call call back call control call detail record (cdr) call forwarding call interface call level call level number call message queue call profile call session call stack call stack entry call transfer call user data (cud) callable interface (ci) callable service callback callback function called number called party called program caller calling command id calling line identification presentation (clip) calling program callpath call-triggered flow campaign campaign organizer cancelation cleanup handler cancelation point cancelation state cancelation type canned map canonical format capability capability data capability list capacitor capacity on demand (cod) capacity planner capacity planning capacity upgrade on demand capture card card enclosure card readerline printer card type cardinality carriage control character carrier carrier sense multiple access with collision detection (csmacd) cart cas cas tone cascaded initiator cascaded menu cascading choice cascading replication cascading resources cascading style sheet (css) case case-sensitive cassette cast catalog catalog asset store catalog entry catalog group catalog view cataloged procedure catch up catch-up categorization category category 1 transaction category 2 transaction category 3 transaction category bean category link category manager category page category table category tree cavm cavm message data set cbc cbipo cbj cbr cbt cbx cca ccb ccf cch ccms ccs ccsid ccsid 6555 cctl ccu cd cd readwrite drive (cd-rw drive) cdb cdf cdk cdma cdnm session cdpd cdr cd-r cdra cd-rw drive cds clerk cdsa cdt ce area ceb ceci cell cell-scoped binding cellular telecommunications industry association (ctia) celsius central control unit (ccu) central directory architecture central institution central office (co) central processing unit (cpu) central processor complex (cpc) central registry central service central site central system centralized directory service centralized processing centralized script management cept certificate certificate authority ( ca ca) certificate authority certificate (ca certificate) certificate revocation list certificate store certification certifier id cf key cf message cfiop cfstruct cgi cgi program cgi script cgu chain chain assembly chain server topology chained data areas chained storage area chaining challenge handshake authentication protocol (chap) change accumulation change authority change bar change history change log change management change number of sessions (cnos) change request (crq) change request description (crqd) changed subfile record change-direction protocol channel channel associated signaling (cas) channel bank channel code channel control function (ccf) channel definition file (cdf) channel exit program channel group channel initiator channel item channel listener channel manager channel number channel process (chp) channel service unit ( csu csu) channel switch chap chaps chaps-euro character character array character cell character code character constant character conversion character data representation architecture (cdra) character data representation identifier character encoding character expression character field character format character generator utility (cgu) character grid character grid unit character id character identifier (character id) character key character large object ( clob clob) character operator character printer character set character set identifier 65534 character set identifier 65535 character string character variable characters per inch (cpi) chart chart area chart format chart layout chart series chase chassis bridge controller (cbc) chat chat transcript cheat sheet check box check constraint check digit check in check out check pending checkin screen checkpoint checkpoint size checksum checksum protection checksum set child activity child business object child category child class child component child document child organizational entity child process child window choose chp chtml ci ci splitting cic cics (customer information control system) cics availability manager (cavm) cics business transaction services (bts) cics client cics database adapter transformer cics default userid cics dynamic storage area (cdsa) cics ejb server cics group cics internet gateway cics messages and codes data set (dfhcmacd) cics on open systems cics on system390 cics pdmvs cics problem determinationmvs (cics pdmvs) cics program library (dfhrpl) cics region userid cics segment cics system cics system definition data set (csd) cics system group cics transaction affinities utility cics web interface cics-dli router cics-key cics-maintained data table (cmt) cicsplex cicsplex sm cicsplex sm address space (cmas) cicsplex sm region cicsplex sm token cicsplex system manager (cicsplex sm) cics-value data area (cvda) cicsvr cidr cif cim cip cipher cipher block chaining (cbc) cipher suite cipherspec ciphertext circuit breaker circuit identification code (cic) circular logging cisc ciu ckd cl cl program cl variable claim class class 0 class 1 terminal class 2 class 2 terminal class 3 terminal class 4 class attribute class authority (clauth) class binding signature class broker for java (cbj) class condition class definition statement class descriptor class descriptor table (cdt) class file class hierarchy class library class loader class mask class method class object class of service (cos) class path class signature class statistics classification rule classifier classless inter-domain routing (cidr) class-name class-of-service description classpath clause clauth clean keypoint time cleanse cleanup interval clear message clearing channel (cc) clearing house automated payment system (chaps) clearing system cli click clickstream clickstream engine clickthrough rate client client api client application client application for windows client certificate client connection channel type client daemon client domain client initialization file client migration client node client program client proxy client type detection clientserver client-based routing clip clipboard cliplet clipping clnp clns clns path clns path maintenance clns path set clob clock time clocking clone cloned cics region close closed registration closed user group (cug) closure line cls clt clusrcvr clussdr clvm cmas cmas link cmas monitoring application cmas monitoring subsystem cmc cmf cmip cmis cmp cmrs cms cmt cnos co coa coa report coalescing coaxial cable cobol cobol character cobol reserved-word file cobol word cod cod cod report code code assist code division multiple access (cdma) code load code page code page global identifier (cpgid) code point codec (coder-decoder) coded character set identifier ( ccsid ccsid) coded character set identifier 65534 (ccsid 65534) coded character set identifier 65535 (ccsid 65535) coded font coded graphic character-set id code-page id coder-decoder coexistence coherency check coherent cold start collaboration collaboration meeting collaboration object collaboration property collaboration template collaboration-object group collaborative components collaborative filtering collaborative portal collate collating sequence collator collection collection services collective collector collector system collector tool collision collision detect collision detection collocation color color mapping file color palette column column function column separator combination box combined alert combined condition combined file combined function iop (cfiop) combined search combined station comitato elettrotechnico italiano comite de coordination de lharmonisation (cch) comma command command and response token (cart) command attention key (ca key) command authorization table command bag command bean command control block (ccb) command definition command definition statement command file command function key (cf key) command key indicator command language (cl) command language translator command length command level command line command line interface (cli) command list command list language command list table (clt) command name command prefix (cpf) command procedure command processing program (cpp) command processor command prompt command recognition character (crc) command security command server command string command thread command-level interface command-level interpreter (ceci) commarea comment comment line comment-entry commercial mobile radio services spectrum (cmrs) commercial processing workload (cpw) commit commit cycle commit cycle identifier commit identifier commit in progress (cip) commit operation commit phase commit point commitment boundary commitment control commitment definition committable resource committable update committed (cmt) committed change committed output message common business oriented language (cobol) common carrier common channel signaling (ccs) common communications support (ccs) common connector framework (ccf) common cryptographic architecture (cca) common error bucket common gateway interface (cgi) common information model (cim) common interchange file (cif) common interchange unit (ciu) common key common management information protocol (cmip) common management information service (cmis) common messaging call (cmc) common object request broker architecture (corba) common program common programming interface (cpi) common programming interface for communications (cpi-c) common services common system area (csa) common user access (cua) common user id common user identification (common user id) common work area ( cwa cwa) communication adapter communication area (commarea) communication controller communication management configuration (cmc) communication port communication section communications area communications configuration communications controller communications data format communications job communications line communications security communications side information communications type communications utilities community community name community services commutative compact compact disc - recordable (cd-r) compact disc (cd) compact disc-read-only memory compact hypertext markup language (chtml) compaction compaction table comparison analysis comparison operator comparison predicate subquery compatibility compatibility mode compatible compensation compensation program compensation service compilation compilation unit compile compile time compiled grammar file compiled message flow (cmf) compiled program compile-time array compile-time table complement completed completed task completion code completion message completion queue complex condition complex element complex instruction set computer (cisc) complex number complex type compliance type component component directory component name component pdse component store archive component tracing composer composite bar chart composite bar graph composite catalog entry composite identity relationship composite key composite part composite project composite store archive composition services compound condition compound key compound license compound rule compound symbol compound variable compress compressed audio compressed listing compressed source compressed video compression compute-bound computed field computed metrics computer graphics computer instruction computer language computer-based training (cbt) computerized branch exchange ( cbx cbx) computer-name computer-telephony integration (cti) concatenate concatenated field concatenation operator concurrency concurrency control concurrent concurrent access volume group concurrent connection limit concurrent logical volume manager (clvm) concurrent maintenance concurrent versions system (cvs) condensed directory catalog condition condition name condition rule condition token condition trap condition variable conditional access list conditional end bracket (ceb) conditional expression conditional external reference conditional force conditional loop conditional phrase conditional prompting conditional statement conditional variable conditioning conditioning indicator condition-name condition conduit conference europeenne des administrations des postes et telecommunications (cept) confidentiality configuration configuration change management system (ccms) configuration directory configuration file configuration list configuration management configuration manager configuration object (co) configuration object set (cos) configuration object type (ct) configuration parameter configuration report server (crs) configuration repository configuration section configuration tool configurator configure configured name binding confirm confirm on delivery (cod) confirmation message confirmation of delivery confirmed service confirm-on-arrival report (coa report) confirm-on-delivery report (cod report) conform confounder connect connection connection control block (ccb) connection document connection factory connection handle connection list connection manager connection modem connection network connection pool connection pooling connection profile connection script connection status block (csb) connectionless network protocol (clnp) connectionless protocol connectionless service connectionless-mode network protocol (clnp) connectionless-mode network service (clns) connection-mode network service connection-oriented network service (cons) connective connectivity connector connector agent connector class connector configuration properties connector controller connector development kit (cdk) connector framework connector-specific configuration properties cons cons path cons path set consecutive processing consistency consistent console consolidated software inventory (csi) constant constant field constant symbol constraint constraint cycle constructor constructor method consumer direct consumer server container container class container management container object container transaction container window container-managed persistence (cmp) container-managed transaction content content aggregation content assist content based routing (cbr) content category content class content contribution servlet content contributor content delivery server content managed content management content model content provider content publisher content resource content server content spot content-based filter contention loser contention mode contention state contention winner contents view context context name context parameter context profile context root context security context switch context type contiguous item continuation character continuation handle continuation line continued-entry field continuous linked settlement (cls) continuous speech recognition continuously powered main storage (cpm) contract control control area (ca) control block control boundary control break control character (cc) control command control data set control field control flow control function control group control interval (ci) control language (cl) control language program (cl program) control language variable (cl variable) control link control menu control message control operator control panel control point (cp) control point server (cp-svr) control region control specification control statement control station control subpool control table control terminal controlled load service controlled repetitive loop controlled shutdown controller controller card controller command controller configuration controller description (ctld) controller proxy control-level indicator controlling subsystem convenience station conventional memory converged service processor conversation conversation characteristic conversation component conversation correlator conversation data block (cdb) conversation identifier conversation key conversation security conversation state conversational conversational monitor system (cms) conversational processing conversation-level security conversion conversion table conversion template table converted journal entry converter convid cooperative application cooperative development environment400 cooperative processing coordinate coordinated universal time (utc) coordinating address space ( cas cas) coordinator coordinator control subsystem (cctl) copper chip technology copy group copy helper corba corba object services naming directory (cos naming directory) corbaserver corequisite dependency corequisite fix correlated reference correlated subquery correlation condition correlation id correlation identifier (correlation id) correlation name correlation rule correlation table correspondent correspondent identifier cos cos naming directory cost comparison analysis counter counter value count-key data (ckd) country id country identifier (country id) coupler coupling service course course catalog course master course offering course package course profile course structure cover document cp cpc cp-cp session cpe cpf cpgid cpi cpi cpi-c cpm cpp cp-svr cpu cpw cracker cradle crc create access list create data create method creation date credential credential mapper credentials credit cap credit payment crg crgm criteria critical path crop cross-certificate cross-domain key cross-domain key table cross-domain network manager session (cdnm session) cross-partition communication control cross-reference listing cross-sell cross-site mirroring (xsm) crq crqd crs cru cryptanalyst cryptographic service provider (csp) cryptographic support cryptographic token cryptography cs csa csb csd csi csmacd csp css csu ct cti ctia ctld cua cud cug cumulative backup cumulative mapping cumulative ptf cumulative time cuod currency advice currency code file currency credit advice currency debit advice currency sign currency symbol current current connect group current directory current files library current form current interrupted job current library current list current mode current position current record current record pointer current release current security label current state current volume pointer current working directory curriculum cursor cursor movement key cursor stability (cs) custom action custom finder custom log bean custom screen record custom server custom service custom tag custom user registry custom wire format (cwf) custom-built installation process offering (cbipo) customer customer data store customer facing store customer group customer information control system customer premise equipment alerting signal tone (cas tone) customer premises equipment (cpe) customer profile customer relationship management customer service representative customer service supervisor customer-replaceable unit (cru) customization customization input file (cif, mqsicompcif) customization set customizer cut-off time cutover cut-through channel cvda cvs cwa cwf cycle cycle times comparison analysis cyclic redundancy check (crc) cylinder d daa dad dad script dadx dadx group dadx run-time dae daemon daf daisy chain damaged logical unit of work dap darwin information typing architecture (dita) dasd sharing data access bean data aggregate data area data authority data availability data bag data bean data bean command data bean manager data cache manager data cache unit (dc, dcu) data catalog data chaining (dc) data character set data circuit-terminating equipment (dce) data class data clause data code page data collection data communication data communication equipment (dce) data compression data connection resource (dcr) data container data control block (dcb) data conversion data conversion interface (dci) data country code (dcc) data decompression data definition data definition language (ddl) data definition name (ddname) data description entry data description language data description specifications (dds) data description specifications design utility (dsu) data dictionary data directory data division data dump data element data element separation data encryption standard (des) data entry database (dedb) data file data file utility (dfu) data flow control layer (dfc layer) data format data group data handler data hierarchy data independence data integrity data interchange data interchange block (dib) data interchange format (dif) data interchange program (dip) data interfile transfer, testing and operations utility (ditto utility) data item data item part data label data languagei (dli) data line data link data link connection identifier (dlci) data link control (dlc) data link control layer (dlc layer) data link control protocol (dlc) data link escape character (dle, dle character) data link layer data link protocol data management data management block (dmb) data mapping data mart data mart server data migration data mode data model data mover data multiplexer data name data network identification code (dnic) data note data object data object filter data part data pointer data policy data queue data rate data reference line data repository data security data server data service unit (dsu) data service unitchannel service unit (dsucsu) data set data set name (dsname) data set name block ( dsnb dsname block) data set name sharing data set profile data sharing data source data space data store data stream data striping data structure data table data terminal equipment ( dte dte) data token data tower data traffic data transfer rate data type data universal numbering system (duns) data value data warehouse data warehousing database (db) database administrator (dba) database backup series database cache database catalog database control (dbctl) database description (dbd) database file database header database id database identifier ( dbid database id) database instance id (dbiid) database integrity database library database management system (dbms) database manager database organization database program communication block (dbpcb) database record database recovery database recovery control (dbrc) database reference field database reorganization database replica database request module (dbrm) database resource adapter (dra) database server node database-level sharing data-conversion service data-encrypting key datagram datalink datalink file manager data-owning region (dor) dataradio multiplex protocol (dmp) data-sharing component datastore datastore specification query datastore specification report datatac date date duration datetime value db db db2 db2 query manager db2 udb for iseries db2 udb query manager and sql development kit db2 universal database for iseries (db2 udb for iseries) db2 xml extender dba dbcs dbcs code dbcs conversion dbcs conversion dictionary dbcs data dbcs font file dbcs font table dbcs number dbcs sort table dbcs-either dbcs-graphic dbcs-only dbcs-open dbctl dbd dbid dbiid dbms dbo dbpcb dbrc dbrm dc dca dcb dcbu dcc dce dce principal d-channel d-channel backup (dcbu) dci dcm dcr dct dcu dd dde dde client dde server ddep ddi ddir ddl ddm ddm architecture ddm file ddmmyyyy ddn ddname ddo dds dds1 ddsa dea dead-letter queue dead-letter queue handler deallocate debit cap debit payment deblocking debug debug engine debug mode debugger debugging line debugging section debugging session decibel (db) decimal position decimalization table decision decision point deck declaration declarative security declarative sentence declaratives decode decompression decrypt decryption dedb dedicated line dedicated save operation dedicated server for domino (dsd) dedicated service tools (dst) dedicated system de-edit default default configuration default connection default contract default delivery default entry point default error handler default focal point default form default group default network message queue default network output queue default object default organization default password default policy default portal page default printer default process default profile default program default public place default record default rendering default reply default routing entry default user default user id default user name default value formula default view defense data network (ddn) deferred connection deferred flow deferred maintenance deferred work element ( dwe dwe) define the file (dtf) defined address defined userid defining attribute definite response (dr) definite response 2 indicator (dr2i) definition specification definitions file delay characteristics delay start delayed maintenance delegate delegation delete authority delete cascade delete lock delete rule delete trigger deletion stub delimited identifier delimited scope statement delimited text delimiter delimiter token delta business object delta channel (d-channel) delta install demand chain demand poll demilitarized zone ( dmz dmz) demodulate denial-of-service attack dependency dependent default dependent file dependent logical unit (dlu) dependent logical unit requester (dlur) dependent region dependent row dependent table depositor access depot deprecated dequeue dereferencing deregister derivation derived form derived name derived query des descendent row descendent table descending key descending key sequence descending sequence descriptive attribute descriptor deselect deselection deserializer design elements design pane design repository database design template design window designated affinity designated approving authority (daa) designer access desktop management interface (dmi) destager destination destination address destination address field (daf) destination control table (dct) destination list destination node destination nsap address destination point code (dpc) destination service access point (dsap) destination system destructive data change detach detached copy detail calculation detail line detail record detail report detail time details view detected access transmission error in (dtse in) detected access transmission error out (dtse out) determinant devd developer development environment development folder development group development library development system device device address device agent program device attributes feedback area device class device configuration device dependence device description (devd) device domain device driver (dd) device emulation device file device independence device input format (dif) device manager device message handler (dmh) device name device object device output format (dof) device parity protection device selection character device table device token device type device-dependent device-independent dfc layer dfh dfhaid dfhcmacd dfhdli dfhdup dfhdyp dfhmdf dfhmdi dfhmsd dfhostat dfhrpl dfhsip sip dfhsm dfhstup stup dfhtup dfsms dfu dhcf dia dia document distribution services diacritic diagnostic diagnostic message dial dial by name dial tone dialed number identification service (dnis) dialog dialog box dialog editor dialog file dialog management dialog variable dial-up dial-up networking dial-up number dib dictionary data section did dif differencing phase differentiated services differentiated services domain differentiated services field diffie-hellman group digest code digit digit position digitize digitized image diiop dimension dimm dip diphone direct access direct access method direct dial in (ddi) direct inward dialing (did) direct manipulation direct monitor handler direct sales business model direct sales store direct service direct speech recognition directive directory directory access protocol (dap) directory assistance directory assistance database directory catalog directory entry directory information base (dib) directory manager domain directory pointer directory schema directory server directory server directory service directory shadowing directory system agent (dsa) directory user agent (dua) directtalk directtalk bean dirty object dirty read disc disc discipline disconnect (disc) disconnect character disconnect timeout disconnected mode (dm) disconnected target command discount discover discovered software package discovery discovery server discrete profile discrete word recognition discussion disk disk drive disk enclosure disk operating system (dos) disk pool disk pool group disk unit disk unit enclosure diskette diskette file diskette unit disoss dispatch dispatcher domain dispatching priority displacement display attribute display file display format display image display layout sheet display mode display name display page display point display screen display session display station display station pass-through display terminal disposition distinguished name distributed application distributed build distributed computing distributed computing environment (dce) distributed data distributed data interface (ddi) distributed data management (ddm) distributed data management architecture (ddm architecture) distributed database distributed directory architecture distributed file management distributed management task force (dmtf) distributed monitoring proxy distributed office support system (disoss) distributed processing distributed program link (dpl) distributed protocol interface (dpi) distributed queue management distributed relational database distributed relational database architecture (drda) distributed routing model distributed routing program distributed systems node executive (dsnx) distributed trace distributed transaction processing (dtp) distributed unit of work ( duw duw) distributed voice technologies (dvt) distribution catalog distribution document distribution list distribution media distribution queue distribution recipient index distribution recipient queue distribution repository distribution requisite fix distribution service level distribution services distribution tracking object distribution zone distributor distributor proxy store dita ditto utility division header djar dkc dli dli backout table (dbo) dli database directory (ddir) dli interface block (dib) dlbl statement dlc dlc layer dlci dle dle character dli separate address space (dlisas) dlisas dll dlo dlu dlur dm dmb dmh dmi dmp dms100 dmtf dmz dnic dnis dns dns domain database file dns resolution dns server cache do group do loop doclet document document access definition (dad) document access definition extension (dadx) document authority document class document content architecture (dca) document description document detail document format document interchange architecture (dia) document interchange session document library document library object (dlo) document library services document name document number document object model (dom) document object name document root directory document routing process document status document template document type definition (dtd) document type set document unit object dof doi dom dom element domain domain expert domain gate domain manager domain domain name domain name server domain name space domain name system (dns) domain of interpretation (doi) domain-defined attribute domino application services domino connector domino directory domino directory domino domain domino for iseries domino internet inter-orb protocol (diiop) domino server domino server program domino server setup program domino Buy Upenn Msw Application Essay Online at a discount

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    Die redmonder haben fьr den fehler einen hotfix zum download bereit gestellt. In some cases, we link to a definition of the file format or to related information. Bugging, is stealing the beaver, and substituting in lieu thereof an equal weight of some cheaper ingredient. A carnival performer whose show consists of bizarre acts, such as biting the head off a live chicken. Heute wird mud oft auch mit multi-user dimension widergegeben, um von dem image als monsterspiele weg zu kommen.

    It takes a uniquely ibm approach with a systems-management foundation, the capability of scaling on a global level and a focus on expertise-based service. The nsfnet greatly increased the capacity of the internet (increasing the bandwidth of backbone links from 56 kilobitssec to 1 Upenn Msw Application Essay For Sale

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    The worlds first hard disk drive was the size of two kitchen refrigerators set side by side. The following list of irq numbers specifies what each of the 16 irq lines are used for. More significantly, sabre paved the way for real-time online transactionsalso known as online transaction processing (oltp)a precursor of everything from atm machines to internet commerce. Over the next two decades, the program expanded to include management education, study clubs and the construction of a schoolhouse and laboratory. Diese werden in echtzeit als service ьber das internet bereitgestellt und nach nutzung abgerechnet.

    The system, launched in 2007, covered a 24-square kilometer inner city area with 18 barrier-free control points equipped with cameras and a mix of payment channels For Sale Upenn Msw Application Essay

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    National science foundation and our partners at mci and merit designed a new high-speed national science foundation network (nsfnet) to connect us universities and 6 us-based supercomputer centers. Sysevent class data sysmod sysplex system system activity keypoint system administrator system area network (san) system asp system bag system catalog system complex ( sysplex sysplex) system configuration administration system configuration list system configuration special authority system control commands system control process (scp) system data set system date system description system diagnostic work area (sdwa) system directory list (sdl) system distribution directory system domain object system dump (idump) system dump code system dump table (sdt) system dump table entry system generation system greeting system group system initialization system initialization parameter system initialization program (dfhsip sip) system initialization table (sit) system inputoutput bus system item system job system library system log system log data set (slds) system logger system management interface tool (smit) system manager system manager security system menu system menu symbol system modification (sysmod) system modification programextended (smpe) system monitor system name system object system operator message queue system parameter system performance system pointer system policy system power control network (spcn) system processor system product division (spd) system program system programming commands system programming interface system queue area (sqa) system recovery table (srt) system reference code (src) system reference library (srl) system request key system resource management database object (srm database object) system resources system resources manager ( srm srm) system security system selector system service tool user profile system service tools (sst) system services control point (sscp) system services control point identifier (sscp id) system ssl system state program system statistics system support program system time system unit system unit console system value system variable system36 environment system36 object system38 environment system38 utilities system-managed access-path protection (smapp) system-managed storage (sms) systems application architecture systems management systems management application systems management application entity (smae) systems network architecture (sna) systems network architecture distribution services ( snads sna distribution services) systems network architecture file services ( snafs snafile services) systems network architecture management services transport (snamanagement services t transport, snams transport) system-specific format system-supplied formats t reference point t1 t1d3 t1d4 tab stop table table builder services message (tbsm) table designator table element table file table function table of contents (toc) table reference character (trc) tachometer tacle tacs tag tag content tag image file format-fax (tiff-f) tag library tagged image file format (tiff) taggeddelimited string format (tds format) tai tail takeover time tampering tangent tape backup tape cartridge tape controller tape drive tape file tape library tape mark tape reel tape unit tape volume tape volume table of contents (tvtoc) target target target catalog entry target data queue program target directory target distributed data manager (tddm) target filter target folder target group target library high-level qualifier (thlqual) target namespace target program target queue manager target recovery time target region target release target server target system target zone targetable command targeted e-mail tariff task task command task control area (tca) task control block (tcb) task cost analysis task cost per time unit analysis task cost report task details query task details report task driver task endpoint task library task library language (tll) task resource allocation analysis task specification query task specification report task statistics analysis (dynamic) task statistics query task statistics report task swapper task switching task time analysis task time report taskguide taskpad task-related user exit (true) tax category tax type taxonomy tb tb tbsm tc tca tcam tcap tcb tco tcp tcpip tcpip connectivity utilities tcpip monitoring server tcp62 tcs tct tcte tctle tctse tctte tctua tcu td tdd tddm tdlc tdma tds format tdt te te1 te2 team support team workspace teb technical information exchange (tie) technology technology connector technology-independent machine interface (timi) technote tei telecommunication telecommunication standardization sector (itu-t) telecommunications access method (tcam) telecommunications device for the deaf (tdd) telephone call state telephone input field telephony teleprocessing network simulator (tpns) teletypewriter exchange service (twx) telex correspondents file telex header area telex interface program (txip) telex link telex substation telnet template template file template library template tree view template-based content temporary dynamic queue temporary field temporary group temporary library temporary object temporary storage (ts) temporary storage group identification (tsgid) temporary storage queue temporary storage table (tst) temporary storage unit table (tsut) temporary-text-delay character (ttd character) tep teraspace term terminal terminal abnormal condition line entry (tacle) terminal adapter terminal control terminal control interface terminal control system entry (tcs) terminal control table ( tct tct) terminal control table line entry (tctle) terminal control table system entry (tctse) terminal control table terminal entry (tctte, tcte) terminal control table user area (tctua) terminal emulation terminal end-point identifier (tei) terminal equipment (te) terminal equipment 1 (te1) terminal equipment 2 (te2) terminal error block (teb) terminal error program (tep) terminal file terminal identification (tid) terminal inputoutput area (tioa) terminal list table (tlt) terminal operator terminal paging terminal servlet terminal user control block (tucb) terminal-initiated transaction routing terminal-owning region (tor) terminating plug termination character termination notification termination phase test test condition test control (tc) test harness test key test library test value testcase test-key processing program text attribute text box text index entry text search index database text search services text stream text transparency text-to-speech (tts) textual data textui program tftp tg tgs tgt th theme thesaurus service programming interface (thesaurus spi) thesaurus spi thin application client thin client third generation (3g) third generation language (3gl) third party third-party plug-in this thlqual thousands separator thread thread id thread local storage (tls) thread private storage thread unsafe thread-capable threading threadsafe thread-specific storage threshold threshold analysis threshold value throttle thumbnail thunking tic tick ticket ticket-granting server ticket-granting service (tgs) ticket-granting ticket (tgt) tid tie tie-up record (tur) tiff tiff-f tight loop tilde time time division multiple access (tdma) time duration time sharing time sharing option (tso) time slice time slicing time stamp time to live timed payment time-division multiplex bus time-independent messaging timemark time-modulated ultra-wide band (tm-uwb) time-of-day clock (tod clock) timeout timer timer domain timeslot timestamp duration timetable timetable specification query timetable specification report timi tioa title title bar tivoli administrator tivoli client tivoli desktop tivoli environment tivoli management agent tivoli management region tivoli management region server tivoli management software tivoli name registry tivoli netware repeater tivoli open sms tivoli open system-managed storage (tivoli open sms) tivoli performance viewer tivoli region tivoli server tivoli storage manager (tsm) tll tls tlt tmf tmi tm-uwb toc tod clock tof toggle token token bucket token highlighting token type tokenized form (tof) token-ring network tone toolbar tooltip top category top-down development top-down mapping topic topic security topic-based subscription top-level business object topology topology console topology definition topology manager topology services tor total access communication system (tacs) total accumulator total cost of ownership (tco) total record total reserve amount total time total times comparison analysis touchpad tp tp record tpa tpdu tpf tpn tpns trace trace domain trace level trace point trace utility program (dfhtup, tup) track tracked terminal tracking trading mechanism trading partner agreement (tpa) trading position trading position container traditional chinese traditional chinese double-byte character set traditional chinese non-chinese character set traditional chinese primary character set traditional chinese secondary character set traditional file management traffic conditioning traffic profile traffic shaping transaction transaction backout transaction backout program transaction backout table transaction capabilities application part (tcap) transaction code transaction dump transaction dump code transaction dump table (tdt) transaction file transaction id transaction identifier ( tid transaction id) transaction level transaction list table (xlt) transaction manager (xm) transaction manager domain transaction messaging transaction program ( tp tp) transaction program name (tpn) transaction program network transaction program record (tp record) transaction rate transaction restart program transaction routing transaction security transaction table transaction work area (twa) transactional collaboration transactional mode transaction-oriented programming transaction-system affinity transceiver transceiver cable transcoding transcoding technology transfer transfer mode transfer request transfer syntax transform transform service transformation transformation step transformer transient data (td) transient data control program transient error transit delay processing transition condition transition link translator transmission control character transmission control layer transmission control protocol (tcp) transmission control protocolinternet protocol (tcpip) transmission control unit (tcu) transmission executive transmission group (tg) transmission header (th) transmission medium transmission program transmission queue transmission services (ts) transmission services profile (ts profile) transmitter transparency transparent data transparent text mode transport transport class 0 (class 0) transport class 2 (class 2) transport class 4 (class 4) transport class negotiation transport layer transport layer security (tls) transport mode transport mode name transport protocol transport-layer protocol data unit (tpdu) transport-layer service access point (tsap) transport-layer service data unit (tsdu) trap trc tree node tree view trend tributary station trigger trigger action trigger field trigger level trigger message trigger monitor trigger monitor interface (tmi) trigger point trigger program trigger time triggered response triggering trigraph trim triplet trivial file transfer protocol (tftp) trlan trojan horse trombone trouble ticket troubleshooter true truncate trunk trunk interface card (tic) trunk line trunking trust association trust association interceptor (tai) trusted trusted computing base (tcb) trusted root trusted system truststore file ts ts profile tsap tsap selector tsdu tsgid tsm tsm router tso tst tsut ttd character tts tucb tumble tune tuning tunnel tunneling tup tur turnaround turnaround time tutorial system support tvtoc twa twinaxial cable twinaxial data link control (tdlc) twisted-pair twisty two-party key distribution protocol (2pkdp) two-phase commit two-port communications adapter cable twx txip type type 2 Sale Upenn Msw Application Essay





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